Other works

  • “Losing Control”
    digital drawing (2018)
  • “Loud Silence” digital drawing (2019)
  • “Mood swing”
    digital drawing (2019)
  • “Comforting grief”
    digital drawing (2018)
  • Illustration inspired by an article from The Guardian dealing with the relation between depression and the work environment. (2018)
  • Prudence from “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”
    digital drawing (2018)

Spread for the collaborative MA book “Secrets” (2018)

  • “Hydra” for the collective artbook “Costellarium”
    digital illustration (2017)
  • “Demonic catwalk”
    digital illustration (2016)
  • “Only God can judge m”
    digital illustration(2018)


Some creations that are result of my imagination.